Digital Academic Workflows (Notes)

Literature Management



  1. Papers
  2. Mendeley
  3. Zotero
  4. EndNote


  1. PDF Exchanger + Folder System (courtesy of Shristi)

Electronic Lab Notebooks


Web-based, Commercial

  1. LabGuru
  2. LabArchives


  1. Text files (.txt) and Folders (this is what I (Alex)) use
    • Make sure to come up with consistent naming system
    • Use your computer’s search (spotlight or other) to find files easily
    • Can tag files with 3rd-party apps or OS X Mavericks (coming out soon)
  2. Evernote
    • This is a popular option. Evernote can be used for everything, as a general notes program, an “everything bucket” so to speak. Very easy to use. Cross-platform.
  3. Microsoft OneNote (PC-only)

Knowledge Management

Everything Buckets

  1. Evernote
  2. Devonthink - Mac Only
  3. Folder System (nested folders right on your desktop) + Hazel
  4. Microsoft OneNote

Note Capturing

  1. nvALT - Mac only
  2. Evernote
Special Tools
  1. Anki - Spaced Repetition Flashcard Program
    • Highly recommended. Popular with med students. I’ve been a long-time user.


  1. Scrivener